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Nancy “Autumn” Nessler, M.S., is a Certified Retirement Options Coach who specializes in assisting women make the transition from full-time professional to a life others dream about. Autumn started An Intentional Life to assist women in designing a Non-Financial Retirement Plan as unique as they are. Not sure of the importance of a Non-Financial Retirement Plan?

Consider this…You may figured out “how much” you might need when you retire. But isn’t that like pulling the number out of the air if you have not thought about “how” you might want to live in retirement; Where you might want to reside, What activities you will want to enjoy, How much travel you want to do, Will you still need to work, etc… Only then does it makes sense to figure out “how much” you will need to support your lifestyle.

Or how about this.. The average Baby Boomer Woman will spend between 10-30 years in Retirement. That could equate to 21,600-57,600 hours of unplanned time. You have planned for every other transition in your life, why not this one?

Autumn understands the power of having a successful transition plan. Prior to retiring and starting a coaching practice, over the past 35 years, Autumn successfully transitioned from being an educator, to career counselor, to human resources professional and finally to sales professional. In between with “gigs” as a solopreneur. Personal transitions included raising other people’s children, divorce, lots of moves etc. Currently, she resides in Wilmington DE with her husband, Carlo, and is enjoying living her intentional life.

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