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WorkshopTo complement any of An Intentional Life’s coaching packages, we encourage you to attend one of our upcoming workshops. These workshop(s) are not only designed to save you years of heartache and pain but are also healthy and refreshing because you’re taking time out for yourself. They are also a great deal of fun because it’s different than anything you’ve ever done with retirement before and brings you back to your center by creating the time and space you need (and deserve) to think about what is most important for you to do and get out of retirement.

Workshop Descriptions:

Retirement Wellness: Fun and creative approach to retirement that removes all the numbers and addresses everyday life in retirement. Learn how to replace your work identity, stay socially connected, and remain physically and mentally sharp. Create a Retirement Wellness Plan, build a retirement curious list, and change your retirement life forever by answering three revealing questions. Too many people start their first day of retirement with only a financial plan and nothing else. Do not let this happen to you.

Designing Your Retirement: This fast-paced, interactive workshop will teach you about Designing Your Retirement, help you identify the skills you already have available to successfully navigate this major life transition, realize the importance of advance planning, and explore the 6 Life Arenas that will serve as functional blueprint for your retirement plan. Whether you are years away from retirement or already retired, you’ll walk away with an idea of what to do next and actionable strategies you can begin to employ right now to plan for a successful retirement!

These highly interactive fast-paced workshops are filled with individual, partner and group exercises, and opportunities to share and hear what other have to say about retirement.

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